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50% of the hits that I get every month come from the PGIB website. hits=visits=business; If you have a business that is looking for more business I don't think the online directory at PGIB can be ignored.
Rodney Wild with A - Z Computer Solutions - Calgary Alberta

I joined PGIB 3 years ago, right out of Graphic Design School, with no customers, no portfolio.  I received referrals immediately, and have since received referrals regularly.  I now have done hundreds of jobs, and probably 80% are either directly or indirectly through PGIB referrals.
Laurie Climan with Laurie Climan Studios - Calgary, Alberta

We have been members of the PGIB for the last 7 months.  I have been to Chamber of Commerce meetings and other networking groups but none have shown me the results like the PGIB.  We joined on a national scale across Canada.  One of our most successful stories has been from our Burnaby partner, Harvey Schmidt.  He has been attending the PGIB meetings for the last 6 months and through contacts made ONLY at PGIB, he has brought in $67,000 worth of new business.
Jess Schmidt – VP Operations - Medallion Healthy Homes of Canada

Becoming a member of PGIB basing on my experience was very, very enjoyable and powerful.  I was able to meet many, many and many civic spirited wonderful people within two (2) weeks.
Emma Asuncion Palapuz, Cares Home Health - White Rock, B.C.

Joining PGIB paid for itself the first month I belonged. Joining this group has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of really great people, and has added a lot to my bottom line financially. Not only do I get referrals that close from other members in our group, those clients have referred others to me in addition. I highly recommend PGIB to anyone considering joining a group. 
Cathy Swallow, Swallows Mortgages In Minutes - White Rock, B.C.

In recognition of the Progressive Group for Independent Business’s ongoing promotion of Edmonton as the place of choice in which to invest, work, live, visit and learn, Economic Development Edmonton is pleased to inform you that the Progressive Group for Independent Business has been nominated for an Ambassador Award. 
Economic Development Edmonton - Edmonton, Alberta

"I joined the PGIB in February of 2001. In the month of March alone, PGIB generated more than 70% of my sales and revenue. I had spent over $2500.00 in advertising with the Calgary Sun that same month and did not get the results that I did from my networking group. I have a gym for women that was averaging a very minimal profit and since my time at the PGIB, we have increased our revenue a total of 52% for the year! The amazing factor in the equation is that I did less advertising than the year prior. The cost per year to be a member in the PGIB is less than advertising in the paper for one day! I have, regretfully, left the PGIB as I have been promoted to a different position, but we still obtain business from my previous time spent with the group and know that any person looking to grow their business would be crazy to not consider the PGIB as a method of doing so."
Shannon Allen, Manager of Slender Lady Fitness Center - Calgary, AB

"The PGIB referral club has been one of the best choices we have made as far as advertising and aligning our company with other businesses in the Edmonton area. I will admit that we were skeptical about the positive effects of joining the PGIB referral meetings, but we are thrilled at the results. In just 3 short months we have gotten six referrals (3 paying thus far) from members of the Sherwood Park meetings and have been approached by other members throughout Edmonton via the PGIB Website. I have recommended to other businesses that they join our club and hope to see them soon. I know that they will have the same results we have. The Sherwood Park PGIB referral club has been a blessing to us. Being a new Company in the area, it is tough to get seen and noticed. I feel we are now, more and more a known entity in Graphic Design in Sherwood park, and I hold PGIB directly responsible for that exposure."
Wendy McCartney, Director of Business Development, Explicitly Graphic Designs Inc. - Sherwood Park, AB

"On behalf of the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank Society, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your recent donation."
Angela Knight, Corporate & Media Relations Coordinator, Inter-Faith Food Bank Society, Calgary, AB

"Alan Jones, Patrick O'Hara and myself have been a corporate member of PGIB, under the banner of Jones and Salt Insurance Brokerage Ltd for close to a year now. We have found that the PGIB referral clubs are incredibly successful in generating quality business. In fact, we no longer require the once indispensable yellow page ad - at $7000 plus a year - to provide us with the steady stream of new clients that is the life blood of any business. The friendships that we have developed is simply a valued added benefit. Thanks PGIB!"
John Salt B Comm, FIIC, Jones and Salt Insurance Brokerage Ltd., Calgary, AB

“We have both given and gotten a significant amount of business through strategic alliances within the PGIB. It’s been a veritable gold mine for us.
Rick Horne, Lawyer, Horne & Wytrychowski, Airdrie, AB

“We feel that it’s been important enough for us to drive to Calgary once a week to be part of this viable networking program that is increasing our Calgary base of clients and now they’re in Canmore! 
Maggie Dougan & Randy Komar, Nutrition, Canmore, AB

“The most innovative idea for networking in today’s market. It’s really increased my customer base and recently our chapter’s computer expert received a referral that turned out to be a $2 Million job for the oil industry.
Keith Atkinson, Accountant, CMA, Calgary, AB

“Craig, we wanted to let you know that the CSN liquor store has paid us. We really appreciate you calling him and we believe that if you hadn't called him, we still wouldn't be paid. Thanks a lot."
Kathy Goodwin and Jim Kromm, KMG Consulting Ltd., Calgary, AB

"I am encouraged by your efforts to promote freedom in the workplace and all of the benefits that the Right To Work Law can provide both from a provincial and a countrywide standpoint.  Keep up the good work"
Mark Mix, National Right To Work Committee, USA

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